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John Christian - A life of fulfilment and abundance!


IMN Cardiff is looking forward to hosting John Christian who will be sharing his approach to improving Life,achieving ones personal goals and sharing his keys to a balanced, happy, healthy lifestyle.

John Christian brings the joy and humour of his life’s rich experience to the platforms and communities he works with whether in the field of business management and life coaching or to the stage of entertainment on which he continues to work in stage screen and television. His positive communication and intuitive skills have organically grown as he has connected and developed his own insight into the journey of life along with some of the finest teachers and mentors from the Eastern and Western world.

Over recent decades, John has been a guest speaker and presenter at a wide variety of events across all social strata’s around the world. From weekend retreats to top international organisations he shares his approach to improving Life and achieving ones personal goals from within. His engaging and charismatic style of presentation peppered with light humour is always involving.

As part of his journey, John who is a qualified mindfulness coach, yoga teacher and Reiki master has led numerous meditation treks in throughout the Himalayas.

Among the list of john’s highly respected mentors are:

  • Paul Solomon. Renowned philosopher and doctor, and founder of F.I.L

  • Master Tamo-san, founder of the Buddha's Eye based in Japan.

  • Swami Shivananda founder of the worldwide Shivananda Vedanta schools of Yoga, John is also a qualified yoga teacher.

  • Sir George Trevellion, Founder of the Wrekin Trust, UK.