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Intelligent Millionaires Network Cardiff - Adam Strong

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Adam Strong is a Business Results Coach, Corporate Productivity Authority, Author, Speaker and Former Elite Athlete.

Author of ‘Move it or lose it’ a book on how to enhance productivity and performance for employees and entrepreneurs.


‘Fit body fit Business’ an updated version of Adam’s 1st book 'Move it or lose it'. The foreword is written by 7 times NY times best-selling author Sharon Lechter who co-authored 'The cash flow quadrant' 'Rich-dad poor dad and wrote 'Think and grow rich for women'. 
The book is for CEOs, business owners or managing directors that have employees and want to achieve:
- Less sickness absence
- Increase profits
- Increase productivity and performance
- Happier customers and employees
- A competitive advantage

CEO of Elite Corporate Fitness

Adam solves staff retention, absenteeism, staff motivation and morale issues with
free projections on how much money can be saved by implementing strategies designed to improve performance by up to 300%.

CEO of Association of Extraordinary PA’s

PAs play an integral role in the success of business leaders and organisations. The Association of Extraordinary PAs is the NO1 association for personal development and growth and create PAs who aspire to become the top 1% in their industry.

For Corporates he helps companies to increase productivity, decrease costs and get a return on investment for their high salaried executives

For HR Directors and Managers
He brings HR directors, managers and team members together in a HR masterclass in London, which guarantees time and money savings to increase efficiency and productivity.