IMN Cardiff Hosts David Cotterill - Former Footballer and Founder of David Cotterill Foundation
6:30 PM18:30

IMN Cardiff Hosts David Cotterill - Former Footballer and Founder of David Cotterill Foundation

David Cotterill is a former footballer, who played for Wales, as well as in the Premier League. After retiring from the sport, David revealed that throughout his career, he suffered with depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts. He now shares his experiences and supports other facing situations.


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IMN Cardiff hosts The Business Doctor, Oreste Maspes
6:30 PM18:30

IMN Cardiff hosts The Business Doctor, Oreste Maspes

  • 12 Duke Street Cardiff United Kingdom (map)
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Oreste Maspes is the business Doctor who provides hands on support to SMEs. In the last 5 years he has helped 10s companies across Europe, leveraging his global MD experience to work hand-in-hand with business owners to uncover their obstacles to growth. His leadership has been recognised with the "2007 Kodak Leadership award"

Oreste will be covering key drivers of business value that will help you achieve your vision and how to fight back on limiting beliefs to avoid procrastination and take action, to help you achieve personal and financial freedom with your business.

Key areas of development for SME’s and common blindpots: they do not understand what they are really selling. Owners personal aspiration and values not connected with business goals. Organisation is too reliant on the owner or partners. There is poor understanding of activity based costing, decisions are excessively centralised. No sufficient talk with key clients, most revenue depending from very few clients.

The core take away after Oreste talk will be how you can:

Achieve personal and financial freedom with your business

Ultimate freedom of choice is to have a sellable business

Make your business self-reliant and independent

Make your business scalable teachable and repeatable

Minimize working capital

These are essentials in growing any business so get your tickets here and we look forward to seeing you at IMN Cardiff

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John Christian - A life of fulfilment and abundance!


IMN Cardiff is looking forward to hosting John Christian who will be sharing his approach to improving Life,achieving ones personal goals and sharing his keys to a balanced, happy, healthy lifestyle.

John Christian brings the joy and humour of his life’s rich experience to the platforms and communities he works with whether in the field of business management and life coaching or to the stage of entertainment on which he continues to work in stage screen and television. His positive communication and intuitive skills have organically grown as he has connected and developed his own insight into the journey of life along with some of the finest teachers and mentors from the Eastern and Western world.

Over recent decades, John has been a guest speaker and presenter at a wide variety of events across all social strata’s around the world. From weekend retreats to top international organisations he shares his approach to improving Life and achieving ones personal goals from within. His engaging and charismatic style of presentation peppered with light humour is always involving.

As part of his journey, John who is a qualified mindfulness coach, yoga teacher and Reiki master has led numerous meditation treks in throughout the Himalayas.

Among the list of john’s highly respected mentors are:

  • Paul Solomon. Renowned philosopher and doctor, and founder of F.I.L

  • Master Tamo-san, founder of the Buddha's Eye based in Japan.

  • Swami Shivananda founder of the worldwide Shivananda Vedanta schools of Yoga, John is also a qualified yoga teacher.

  • Sir George Trevellion, Founder of the Wrekin Trust, UK.

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6:00 PM18:00

Intelligent Millionaires Network Cardiff - Adam Strong

Adam Book .jpg


Adam Strong is a Business Results Coach, Corporate Productivity Authority, Author, Speaker and Former Elite Athlete.

Author of ‘Move it or lose it’ a book on how to enhance productivity and performance for employees and entrepreneurs.


‘Fit body fit Business’ an updated version of Adam’s 1st book 'Move it or lose it'. The foreword is written by 7 times NY times best-selling author Sharon Lechter who co-authored 'The cash flow quadrant' 'Rich-dad poor dad and wrote 'Think and grow rich for women'. 
The book is for CEOs, business owners or managing directors that have employees and want to achieve:
- Less sickness absence
- Increase profits
- Increase productivity and performance
- Happier customers and employees
- A competitive advantage

CEO of Elite Corporate Fitness

Adam solves staff retention, absenteeism, staff motivation and morale issues with
free projections on how much money can be saved by implementing strategies designed to improve performance by up to 300%.

CEO of Association of Extraordinary PA’s

PAs play an integral role in the success of business leaders and organisations. The Association of Extraordinary PAs is the NO1 association for personal development and growth and create PAs who aspire to become the top 1% in their industry.

For Corporates he helps companies to increase productivity, decrease costs and get a return on investment for their high salaried executives

For HR Directors and Managers
He brings HR directors, managers and team members together in a HR masterclass in London, which guarantees time and money savings to increase efficiency and productivity.

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6:30 PM18:30

Intelligent Millionaires Network Cardiff Welcomes the Lord Mayor of Cardiff

7 November marks the intial meeting of IMN Cardiff in 'The Clubhouse' of the Principality Stadium and we are exited to annouce that IMN Cardiff will be 'opened' by The Lord Mayor of Cardiff The Rt. Hon. Bob Derbyshire. We also have the priviledge of hearing (non politcal) about his path to success culminating in his present position.

In addition we are very fortunate to have one of our members, Francesca Burrows, speak about her journey. Francesca was recently awarded 'Rising Star' runner up in the Welsh Woman in Business Awards.

This event is designed to give you the tools and network to empower you financially, as well as build or grow your own business. The speakers are entrepreneurs and leaders, who are passionate about their area of expertise and are happy to share quality tips and techniques for growth and empowerment.

The event starts at 7pm but its suggested that you are there from 6-6.30pm for networking. We look forward to seeing you there.

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Intelligent Millionaire Network Cardiff Launch
7:00 PM19:00

Intelligent Millionaire Network Cardiff Launch

So excited to be launching Intelligent Millionaires Network Cardiff on the 4th October 2017.

We have secured the Cardiff Marriott Hotel, Mill Lane, Cardiffas our home and will host prominent Business personalities and gather like minded individuals in a powerful networking environment to help you create, brand, market and grow your business. See you there !!


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