Pauline & Alun Rees - WOW! from tears of passionate emotion to laughter & joy to peace of mind …

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A BIG SHOUT OUT TO OUR NEW MEMBERS WHO JOINED US THIS MONTH!  Congratulations & Welcome Aboard the IMN Cardiff Family :)

And secondly... a huge "THANK YOU" to all who joined us on Tuesday & in particular to our special guests Alun & Pauline Rees.

It must be said on behalf of everyone present, what a very informative & insightful presentation this incredible, charming duo gave us as to what is truly possible, not just in the property / business fields, but equally, the ability to change one's life no matter where you are or at what your stage in life!!!

Alun & Pauline were certainly inspirational as they demonstrated what they have achieved & where their passion is taking them on their continuing journey of success… They have taken their lives from the road of corporate exec & school head teacher to what is now nothing short of transformational! They have been diligently building their empire that has evolved into working on numerous multi-million pound development projects. And more importantly they are changing the dwelling landscape within community life as we know it throughout the UK & beyond! They told their story from where they started in their career life to where they are today...



  • They shared their rocky road, their pain and their loss in their initial formation of entrepreneurship.


  • Through the right support surrounded by the right people & in the right environment, they were led to the realisation of what was possible.


  • Their appreciation for what they have achieved & capabilities to venture upon their journey with confidence & strength; while leading & teaching others what they too can achieve; & proudly recognise the change in the calibre of people in their lives today; & belief that their dreams, hopes & desires are now within their reach.

Alun and Pauline have truly demonstrated the ability to transform one’s life no matter what one’s age or circumstance…


It’s safe to say with the energy they harness, coupled with their young outlook, passion & drive they are most definitely a force to be reckoned with!

We gladly applaud you both 




Alun and Pauline also gave us their insights to the value of coaching & mentorship. It goes without saying that they have had tremendous success in such a short time frame. They expressed that they owe much of this to the great coaching & mentorship they have received from the Founder of Intelligent Millionaires Network - JT Foxx.

There are plenty of gurus, coaches, etc who may take you on an emotional high while you're with them only for you to come back down to earth soon after. Whereas JT’s philosophy is for you to build your own empire through empowerment, leadership & accountability for your actions with  his & his teams guidance & global connections. JT's organisation is renown for getting results!


Intelligent Millionaires Cardiff is a continuance of the high profile global network of opportunity! At IMN Cardiff we introduce the likes of Alun & Pauline to our thriving family - business owners & entrepreneurs alike who have taken everything they’ve learnt (even un-learnt) & run with their new-found knowledge & mentorship. We bring like-minded people together in a business network environment where we help augment new & ongoing partnerships. In turn we help educate our audience & enable valuable connections via our local & global community.


A comment from one of our valued members

A Fantastic monthly event with high quality speakers, definitely worth joining and networking with like minded individuals. John Stokoe also gave me some great advise for my business and is a very passionate and driven individual. I am pleased to have joined as a global member :-) 

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— Claire C.


In summary the main take aways from Alun & Pauline's time sharing with us...

From zero to 3 years with no previous training or experience in their field >> to becoming part of a global networking community >> surrounding themselves with like-minded people >> getting rid of negativity! 

What's next for you?

  • Surround yourself with good people

  • Know what you’re doing

  • Build your dream team

  • Do your due diligence

  • Be bold - do something

  • Don’t be afraid to walk away from a deal


So do come join us at our next event where we have yet another epic evening in store!  Get your tickets here

And let us help you upon your journey to greater success

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