Douglas Vermeeren


A Big Thank You to all of you who joined us at our resent IMN Cardiff monthly event. CONGRATULATIONS to all our New Members - welcome to our Growing Family. And for those of you who couldn't be with us - you were missed :(

A snapshot of Tuesday's meeting... 

Your First Million is on the Way - Douglas Vermeeren
For those who joined us, I'm sure you will agree, we had a very entertaining evening with our Special Guest, all the way from Calgary, Canada - Doug Vermeeren... 


Doug kept us captivated with his infectious energy and inspiring delivery throughout the evening; sharing his knowledge and experiences with many top industry names who have become his close friends such as John DeMartini, Marie Diamond, Bob Proctor, Jack Canfield... Only last weekend Doug shared the stage with Les Brown... Do look him up... He has an upcoming event weekend Feb 23rd. If you're interested send an email to

Taking Members To the Next Level

At IMN Cardiff we aim to build and promote our valued members. Here you see a few of our members taking the floor - for some, the very first time speaking in front of an audience.  That's what we do - we move you beyond your comfort zone!... Once over the nerves our members can't thank us enough! 



It is our members and guests who are making this club so special; encouraging each other, taking the opportunity to grow as entrepreneurs and business owners.

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IMNC Next Meeting...
We are delighted to host two global business powerhouse's. Do join us 6pm, Tuesday, March 6th.

Natalia Rotenberg & Johanna Stone

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Don't Be Left Out - Join Us Next Time
We've received many uplifting comments saying how much our members and guests enjoyed the whole evening and how much they get from our monthly meetings in terms of business and collaboration, being among so many like-minded positive people. As owner of the IMN Cardiff Club, I am filled with pride to see the business relationships and opportunities developing among us.

So if you are looking to start or expand your business and want a local or global platform to elevate yourself and your business then do come along to our March Event. All you need to do is register here

Until Next Time...

John Stokoe
Founder / Owner
IMN Cardiff

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